Two women point to plants on the ground as they plan the layout of the landscape design
Photo: Burke Museum
See the New Burke Museum
come to life.

Most Recent

A woman stands with hands up and out as she is brushed with a cedar branch

Tribal leaders returned to the Burke to offer a second cedar brushing ceremony as we near the end of the move.

Seated paleontologist working on a T. rex skull

Burke Museum paleontologists continue work on the rare T. rex skull, recently finding that all jaw and skull bones are there.

The large pivoting window wall fully open with a group of people standing below for scale

The Burke Museum’s pivoting window wall is a massive, human-powered architectural feature that will open the café space to the outdoors.

#NewBurke SnapShots

Follow #NewBurke on Instagram to see the behind-the-scenes work of getting ready for the New Burke—like packing and moving fragile artifacts—and get a sneak peek of the new museum!

Aerial View

See the New Burke Museum from the sky in this drone video from October 2017.

Construction Timelapse

From groundbreaking to the New Burke building being fully enclosed. Watch the construction progress in this video playlist.